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BioGuide for Mac OsX

Using BioGuide for Mac OsX
Mac OsX still comes with Java 1.4 as default Java engine. Depending on your OS version and previous installations you may or may not already have Java 1.5 installed.
If you don't have a Java 5 version, are not sure or want to get the latest release, please read Java installation hereafter.
Important note: Even if you have Java 5 installed it is not activated by default, cf. Java 5 activation.

Browsers qualified:
BioGuide has been tested successfully with both Safari under Mac OsX 1.4.4 and Camino 1.0 under the same OS.

Java version
  Do I have Java 1.5.x installed?
Check that you have an entry J2SE 5.0 under Applications / Utilities / Java (screen capture 1)

How do I install the latest Java version?
Goto and download the latest Java release available for your OS version. The installation process uses a classical Mac OsX .dmg installation package.

How to activate Java 1.5 for applets
Even if you have Java 1.5 installed Mac OsX default Java is still Java 1.4 unless you already changed it.
To activate Java 1.5, you just have to run the application "Java Preferences" that can be found under J2SE 5.0 9cf. first bullet). Then select J2SE 5.0 in the Java Applet Runtime Settings panel and click on the Save button.
You will have to restart your navigator for changes to be effective.
-> Screen capture 2
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