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BioGuide is a joint project between the Laboratoire de Recherche en Informatique (France) and the University of Pennsylvania (USA)

BioGuide helps scientists find complementary information in sources, and deal with divergent data. BioGuide is generic and can be used as a query interface to several integration systems. (More ...)

Three implementations are now available

  • BioGuideSRS: is connected on top of the SRS system.
    Click on the BioGuideSRS button to run this implementation*!

BioGuide v2.0 on top of SRS.

A release of BioGuideSRS using BioGuide 3.0 is now available (restricted area), please contact us.

  • BioGuide: Generates paths (query plans) but is not connected to any integration system. Click on the BioGuide button to run this implementation*!  

BioGuide v2.0 in default mode.

  • BioBrowsing: uses BioGuide v3.0 as its query engine and makes it possible to query all the NCBI sources (using Entrez). Click on the BioBrowsing button to run this implementation (Medical profile)*!

    Please visit the main BioBrowsing web page to get access to all the profiles available.



*To use the BioGuide Applets and JVM, please accept our security certificate. If you cannot see the button, please read our installation instructions.

GeneValorization: another project based on several techniques developped within the BioGuide project. GeneValorization allows to quickly give an overview of the literature associated to a list of genes studied in a given context. Please have a look at the GeneValorization Web site!

Laboratoire de Recherche en Informatique, University of Pennsylvania

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