Gene List significance at-a-glance
Logo LRI Laboratoire de Recherche en Informatique (UMR 8623)
Bryan Brancotte IT Engineer. Software design and implementation (GV), web designer.
Sarah Cohen-Boulakia PhD in Computer Science. Project manager of GV (Computer science side).
Logo Institut Curie Institut Curie
Anne Biton PhD student, Bioinformatics (INSERM U900 and UMR 144), co-supervised by E. Barillot and F. Radvanyi.
Isabelle Bernard-Pierrot PhD. Expert in bladder and breast cancer. Group member, Molecular Oncology.
François Radvanyi PhD, Head of the group Molecular Oncology (UMR144).
Fabien Reyal MD, PhD. Expert in breast cancer. Group member, Molecular Oncology and Department of Surgery. Project Manager of GV (biomedical side).

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